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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Live Your Life

"I'm Living my life" answered famous movie actor Akshay Kumar when being asked about the ups and down of his career. I found his answer to be very deep and profound. Instead of sulking over ups and downs of life, he adopted a neutral stance. He accepted them as a way of life which is indispensable to succeed.
Most of the time, as i have seen, most people spend their most of time judging the events of their life. They spend their life classifying  their experiences as good or bad. Doing so, they are not wasting their precious time but also leveraging on creating a niche  for unsuccessful and  miserable life.
Life's ups and downs are part of life. They are part of path we are on. It, therefore, just doesn't make any sense judging the events and experiences of life.
Ups and down comes in everyone's life. Everyone has had their fair share of difficult time. Everyone who is starving to achieve success has to face some form of adversity at some or other point. Hence, there's no point in fighting with it. Just accept ups and down as a way of life, as a part of life. As one philosopher aptly observed many years ago, "Life is full of ups and downs. The trick is to enjoy the ups and have courage during the downs."
Accept the fact that life is mixture of happiness, sorrows, success, failures, and disappointments. Accept both sides of life. Savor the moment rather than thinking ahead of next event or circumstance in your life. Appreciate "HERE AND NOW" instead of dwelling over "HOW AND WHEN".
Remember, Failures are nothing more than an opportunity to succeed, tragedies are nothing more than a lucky chance to learn important lessons from and problems are really nothing more than a favorable circumstance for growth and success.