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Saturday, September 11, 2010

How to Be More Positive in Life

Is your life filled with negative thoughts and ideas? Are you fed up of losing out in life? If so you need to make some changes and fast. By turning your negative thoughts into positive thoughts you can make the change. By focusing on the positives you will have more success in life and in everything that you do.
You may not even be aware of the amount of negativity that seeps into your life on a daily basis. It comes from TV, from people who interact with and from the voice inside your own head.
The first step in replacing the negatives is to actually become aware of them. Listen to what you are saying. Is it negative or positive? When you find yourself saying negative things, stop, and turn them around into something positive if you can. It is your choice how you see things in life so why not choose to see only the positives. You will be surprised at what it can do.
You should start by cutting down on the amount of news you watch and listen to. Nearly everything on the news today is negative so why are you allowing this negativity into your life? If you watch the news first thing everyday you are starting you day on a negative vibration. Why start the day off badly when you don't have to?
You can try replacing the news with uplifting music or watching something positive and uplifting on the TV. Reading books is another great way to help you absorb positive information. Look for success stories if you want to make a change in your business life. Just by reading their successes you will start to feel more empowered and positive and you will start to take action.
Another way to remove negativity from your life is to limit the amount of TV you watch. Even if you are not engrossed in the program you are watching your subconscious mind will be taking in the messages.
If there are a lot of negative people in your life this is going to be a problem. You should remove them from your life because you don't need them. This is easier said than done but try to at least limit the time you spend with these people. Find positive people to interact with so that you feel good. If your partner is generally negative your positivity will rub off so stay upbeat when you are around them and try not to let them bring you down.
The last and probably the most important place to look when it come to negativity is to yourself. Most of us, although we don't realize it, generate negative self talk all day long. The mind accepts these thoughts as truths so you need to watch what you are saying about yourself and your life. You need to start focusing on the positive aspects of you. What do you like about yourself? What are the things you are most proud of?
You can use visualization and affirmations to help with positivity. Give yourself credit for all the things you do right each day and try not to focus on any of the negative things that may have occurred. End your day by taking the time to list five positive things that happened. You will be surprised at how this affects your sleep and your mood the next morning.
By replacing the negatives in your life with positives you will not only make yourself feel better but you will make your life better too. You will start to focus on the good things and by placing your attention on these you will be drawing more good things into your life. This is how the Law of Attraction works and by being positive you can make it work for you.