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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Careful Little Eyes What You See

Over the years I have mentored several people that showed an interest in what movies I watch with my family. For those of you who are not aware, the Curtis household has some very strict guidelines for television and movie watching. Ask any of our kids friends, they will tell you!
Today I decided, as a new category of articles for my blog, that I will begin movie reviews that we watch and would recommend to others. Let me first begin by making you aware of the quality movie I prefer to watch. Most modern day films I don't find very appropriate for children, or any immature adult for that matter, since everything is targeted toward sex, violence, crude humor, and horror. Personally I still have thoughts that I am working on replacing from movies I watched when I was younger, as my parents had no filters. There is a message, programming, in every movie.
Most people seem to think a movie is simply for Entertainment value. Now there is some truth to that, however, there is more to each film than just fun and games. Our children are influenced easily by what they see on television, hear on the radio, and read in newspapers, magazines, & the internet. (Notice I didn't say books, as that doesn't seem to be the top of the list these days.) Sadly most people grow up believing what they see on television is real, or worse, they will say it isn't real they are just actors. Well, your subconscious mind doesn't know the difference. It is for that reason why you will cry when you watch a sad movie, or fear the dark after watching a horror movie. If it isn't real, they are just actors, then why would you have these emotional reactions?
Once I started to understand that each movie has a message, it became easier to filter the bad stuff and watch more of the good stuff. My children still don't quite get it yet, especially my oldest son, however, as they get older it will become more and more clear. (Mind you he is massively influenced by what he watches on television and has a terrible case of, "everyone else is watching it," syndrome.)
Do you want to test your child and see what they are getting out the movies they watch? It really isn't too difficult. Generally right after watching a new film, most kids will run around acting out or quoting bits and pieces from the film. Sadly, most of the time, it is all the negative parts of the movie that many parents wish they would have left out. Another way to find out what they learn from each movie is to ask them questions throughout. Assuming you are paying attention and can see the programming in each film yourself, when something happens, pause the movie and ask your children what just took place and why. Then ask them what they think is going to happen. Should they answer the question correctly, then ask them how they knew, etc. You will be amazed at some of the things they see, that you didn't. It will also floor you at how much they didn't see and don't understand. How dangerous can a movie be, or anything for that matter, if you are watching and have no idea of the programming you are getting? Your subconscious mind remembers everything that it sees, hears, etc. whether you understand it, or not!
One of my long term mentors told me that watching movies are extremely entertaining, as long as you can see the programming in each film. That way you can prevent any mind viruses from infecting your thinking. Once you are able to understand the message behind the message, if you will, then watching movies for entertainment value is ok. However, if you cannot see the message, or don't believe you are being programmed, then there is a very good chance some of what you believe, or how you think, has been massively influenced by a movie, or worse a television program. You know, that thing that isn't real, they are just actors? Think about it...
Our minds are incredible. What we feed them should be carefully selected. What happens if you put garbage in your diet? You get fat and/or unhealthy over time, right? Is it also true that the longer you eat that garbage the harder it is to stop the habit and reverse the trend? Of course it is. Think about that the next time you watch movies, listen to music, read magazines, or surf the internet. What goes in is what comes out! People who tend to curse watch Rated R movies, listen to explicit lyrics in their music, and associate with other people who also use profanities as part of everyday conversation. Successful people tend to read a lot of self help books, listen to classical or Christian music, and avoid negative television programs & movies. They also associate with other like minded people. This is not to say one is better than the other, however, the more successful you become, the more aware you also become of your programming!