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Friday, November 5, 2010

How to Be a Good Actor

Most people who tend to get into the film industry would think of acting as an easy thing to do. But only when they get a chance to be an actor, will they realize the toughness of the job. Acting is a skill which many people think is in their genes. Though they are correct it requires some practice and training to groom it and make it efficient. This is what makes them a good actor. The process of grooming involves loosing out the inhibitions and shyness. people who act well in the studio may get nervous when asked to perform live on the roads. This is not good for an actor. This can only be avoided only after constant appearances on Live performances. People do not tend to accept the fact that Success comes only with hard work. All expect success every time they perform. What is the importance of success without failure?
Most people forget that after our first success, we still have to stabilize. But those who tend to forget it and start flying, land hardly. People who do not hail from a family of actors usually find it hard to get their first chance. They always know the value of this chance and strive hard to achieve something. But people with backup do not perform to their full potential and hope there is always another chance. This attitude is what separates those who earn their glory and those who bask in others glory.
After we find a place for ourselves, its hard for one to stay focussed. we have to keep our names intact and struggle to keep up our respect. Great actors who still are Immortal are those who respect their guru and fans who had empowered them to their current position. Success comes knocking on their doors. Fans are the basic property of all actors. Without them, they are waste. So actors who respect their fans are always on the success path. once our fans starts liking us they will do anything for us.
The final and foremost thing in any actors life is the tendency to observe thing around you. The actors must be intelligent enough to implement this into their actor skills whenever required and improvise. The actors must also respect their co-artist. Without their co-operation we cannot achieve anything. When people tend to move together in harmony, everything goes well for them.